Debt Recovery


Debt recovery is the attempt to recoup funds which have been loaned or credited to an individual or commercial or State entity. 
At Lunerig Traders, we know that a comprehensive debt recovery system is critical to your company’s survival.




Our focused debt recovery strategies save time, maximize and measure financial improvements and allow your company to focus its human resources where they are most needed.  


Our centralised decision techniques ensure that we are able to identify consumer and commercial intelligence on, make contact with, and recover from elusive debtors.



Sometimes you need to hire a professional! You have a business to run and dealing with delinquent accounts drains resources, time and patience. 


Through conducting analysis and identifying accounts with the highest payment potential, we will segment and monitor your debtor accounts portfolio to keep up to date with your clients’ ability to pay, meaning we can begin to collect unpaid balances instantly.

Debt Recovery - Lunerig Traders provide a best debt recovery systems.



Lunerig Traders utilises legal methods to recover debt on your behalf. Our techniques support all types and forms of domestic and international like-kind consumer and commercial debt receivables. 


Our concentrated compliance efforts ensure that our debt recovery strategies are ethical and never run afoul of industry and regulatory guidance. 


The vast majority of delinquent accounts, no matter which sector or industry, can be resolved using our debt recovery process. Although elusive debtor types vary widely between individuals and businesses, we use the same effective and firm approach to recover debts and return debt receivables to you.


Lunerig Traders is specialising in securing recovery in all areas and industries including corporate/commercial, public sector, educational and medical. Our firm yet friendly negotiating means that we collect what is owed both quickly and in full.  We can offer our clients fee or contingency-based payment structures, support and assistance and exclusively assigned account executives.


We won’t allow your debtors to get away without paying you. When you have no other recourse, Lunerig Traders will resolve all your non-payment problems.