Debt Purchase

Debt purchase is a financial strategy method offering debt instruments for purchase.  There are several different types of debt instruments which can serve as investments, including bonds, accounts receivables and real estate.
Whenever you evaluate a potential debt investment, it is important to verify the debt’s quality to be sure of making a sound investment.
Lunerig Traders private debt purchase practice purchases delinquent and/or charged-off debts either from creditors or lender, based on potential collectability of the debt portfolio. 

What Is Debt Purchase


Debt purchase allows Lunerig Traders to collect, repackage and resell purchased portfolios to larger debt buyers, or to collect on delinquent or charged-off debt. 


Accounts originating directly from the original creditor and without having been placed with a collection agency are of the highest value for our debt purchase practice.  Our prices decrease based on time passed since the account has charged off and the legal position of the debt.



Lunerig Traders prefers to purchase debts which are in possession of the necessary documentation to prove the purchased account’s validity. 


This information is necessary when proving in court that a debtor owes money and that Lunerig Traders has purchased the account.



Although we are not exempt from fair debt collection practices, it must be noted that we do not have the same incentives when it comes to maintaining customer relations with a debtor, as the original creditor does.


Rest assured, Lunerig Traders will never engage in abusive debt collection practices.

Debt Purchase Companies UK


We work closely with potential clients to evaluate their debt receivables in order to determine whether a particular debt is a sound investment. 


Selling easily collectable, unencumbered, properly managed debt receivables brings immediate tangible benefits to your company, including a reduction in bad debt provisions, an increase in profits, complete consistency when forecasting bad debt and realisation of balance sheet reserves.


Our innovative and professional approach makes selling your non-performing accounts an attractive, viable and profitable option. All deals can be tailored to the seller’s requirements.



Lunerig Traders has established itself as a fundamental component within the debt recovery process. We have built up excellent relationships with mainstream financial companies and are able to support a wide range of transaction types.

We offer on-going contracts where Lunerig Traders continues to purchase a debt type of a pre-agreed quality over either fixed term or rolling period. We also offer the right to collect – should your organisation not have the capacity to sell a debt, you might consider retaining ownership and leasing the right to collect on that debt to Lunerig Traders.

This can be useful for organisations wishing to steer the viability of debt sale within recoveries strategies themselves.