Claim Funding

Lunerig Traders’ claims funding practice is based in Limasol (Cyprus).  We provide funding across multiple jurisdictions in the European Union and MENA Countries.  Our mandate is to identify, fund, manage and resolve your claim on outstanding debts. 
We currently fund or co-fund on behalf of a great number of important entities.  Many individuals and companies with legitimate claims do not pursue them because of the high cost and risks associated with collection. Claims funding enables groups and individuals to seek financial reparation without the cost risks and inconveniences. 

Claim Funding


Lunerig Traders underwrites actions on behalf of individuals or corporations. We carefully scrutinise all information presented to us and only underwrite a very small percentage. This low level of underwriting is due to our diligence in ensuring substantial merit and a high rate of success when a case is selected.


As a disinterested third-party with no direct interest in the underlying proceedings, Lunerig Traders provides claims funding which permits proceedings for costly litigation and arbitration cases.  As claimant, you can request partial or full financing to cover these costs.


Upon settlement, Lunerig Traders receives a share of the compensation or repayment capital provided, together with a nominal interest rate agreed upon prior to funding. In the event of your claim being unsuccessful, Lunerig Traders receives no payment.  In this way, the claimants are given peace of mind – they will not face additional financial pressures in the event of their losing a claim.

Claim Funding In European Union and MENA Countries


Lunerig Traders claim funding ensures that you possess the finances to cover any costs, disbursements and additional costs associated with filing a claim.


We provide individuals or companies with claims funding, while the legal professional involved in the claim has some obligations to fulfil as part of the funding agreement.


When the claim is successful, it is the role of the solicitor to repay any funding together with the relevant interest charges prior to releasing the balance to the claimant.

Lunerig Traders’ claims funding practice is based in Limasol (Cyprus)


Our claims funding solutions are designed to cover fees and disbursements as well as any costs and personal expenses incurred during the claims process.


Our funding can be used to pay for:  consultants, experts or specialists, legal fees, and/or additional claims charges. By using our services, you are given those financial resources required to maximize the value of your claim; whether you are applying for claims funding as an individual or as a company, financial obstacles should never stop you from fighting a claims battle.


Aside from covering your costs, claims funding gives you the comfort of knowing that procedure financing will not be an issue.

If you are in a situation which might require claims funding, our application process is very straightforward. More importantly, our services are quick, transparent and tailored to your needs. Once initial enquiries have been made, our experts will review your case together with our funding partners.
Offering a contemporary and flexible approach to claims funding, we provide comprehensive third-party funding services which cover a wide range of legal costs, as well as personal expenses for the entire litigation and arbitration period.