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By : Netcomm_experts

Debt Recovery

A comprehensive debt recovery system is critical to your company’s solvency. ...

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Debt Purchase

We verify debt quality to ensure you of a sound investment. ...

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Asset Information

Assisting in the asset identification function to help you make better debt recovery decisions. ...

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Claim Funding

Our goal is to identify, fund, manage and resolve your claims to outstanding debts. ...

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Expert on resolving MENA export claims

We have extensive experience with solving trade debts in MENA countries. The violent changes in that region generated many files with countries such as Iraq, Libya and Syria. Take advantage of our specific expertise to help improve your business.  ...

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Specific Needs and Full Range of Solutions

We offer a far better solution than simply selling off claims at a discount. Our solutions involve the world of litigation, or the use more specific methods such as debt equity swaps, debt for counter-trade and debt for debt swap among others....

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Intensive Research and Experience

Such a specific legal and economic topic requires much more attention than most commercial or even larger legal practices can provide. We can offer you our time and extensive knowledge of this sector.


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Property Law

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