Asset Information

Many businesses have invested heavily in asset information systems to assist with asset management and improve on efficiency and performance.
Lunerig Traders asset information processes facilitate asset identification and help your business make better debt recovery decisions.

Asset Information Systems


Despite very significant expenditure, many businesses admit that asset identification is a slow, tedious and difficult to quantify procedure.


They often do not have access to important information. 


Lunerig Traders realises that the need for efficient and correct asset information is on the rise.

Asset Information Systems in Europe


Requirements associated with the collection of receivables have become more complicated, while at the same time the number of stakeholders and hence the complexity of collating and sharing information is increasing.


This trend is set to continue, taking into account that the increasingly stringent regulated asset information lists and the rise in initiatives for the funding of major capital investments in identifying asset information will not simply disappear.

Asset Information Systems by Lunerig Traders


Remember, assets increase in value. At Lunerig Traders, we know that asset information can be created by way of debt recovery strategies…


… that information assets may exist entirely within a single department or spread across an entire organisation

… and that assets information only increases in value according to the total analysis performed when converting low-level debt recovery into more refined, high-level debt recovery.

Allow Lunerig Traders to work consistently and cooperatively within your business to identify the characteristics of your information asset.
Remember, we prioritise both the number and dollar amounts of debt receivables your company has the potential to collect on.